Standard: EN ISO 20345 :2011 S5 CI SRC


• Excellent protection from the cold down to +5°C / -40°C
• Lightness: 40% lighter than a rubber or PVC boot
• Flexibility and suppleness even at very low temperatures
• Supple upper for excellent walking comfort
• 100% watertight: no seams
• Stiff outsole: stability and shock absorption
• Ergonomic shape: good ankle support
• Wide fit: better air circulation
• Shock-absorbing heel: cushions impact with the ground and improves the roll of the foot
• Acrylic inner lining: warm and quick-drying


• Antibacterial treatment


• EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 CI SRC certified
• SRC high grip outsole: non-slip treads and evacuation channels at the sides for better expulsion of liquids and solids
• Resistance to abrasion, hydrocarbons, oils, and industrial lubricants
• Antistatic treatment  : diverts static electricity and offers electrical impedance from 100 kOhm to 1000 MOhm
• Steel anti-perforation sole: prevents spikes or any other sharp object from puncturing the shoe - Withstands 1100 Newtons
• Steel toecap built into the polyurethane: protects from impacts with an energy equivalent to 200 joules (i.e. a 20-kg load falling from 1 m) and from crushing with a force equivalent to 1500 kg


• Three times stronger than PVC on average
• Tested under extreme conditions and without damage:
  • - 200 000 bending cycles at -20°C
  • - 69 hours immersed in water




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