In terms of Safety, POLYVER SAFETY offers a real solution combining protection, comfort and lightness.
Always responsive to its users and with its experience, especially in the protection against the cold and in the choice of materials, POLYVER SAFETY continues to focus its research on the development of an ever-more efficient boot able to meet specific constraints related to various types of uses or grounds.
Thus, POLYVER SAFETY has developed an exceptional boot with an exclusive polyurethane recipe, which ensures a protection, adaptability and flexibility down to - 37 °. This is not the case of rubber due to its structure does not protect from the cold.
POLYVER SAFETY has a very thick and non-slip outsole which provides excellent insulation against the cold and keeps the feet warm even in static position after a long stay outside.
The POLYURETHANE makes this boot lighter and comfortable to wear all the daylong reducing fatigue.
Isothermal and ideal for working in extreme temperatures, waterproof, resistant to acids, various chemicals, fatty oils, hydrocarbons and also resistant to shocks and compression thanks to the toecap, POLYVER SAFETY boot can be used in area such as industry, food processing, oilfield, construction, material handling, agriculture, fishing, gardening, and in all cases in wet and slippery area.
These features can improve productivity by reducing the risk of accidents and fatigue.
Finally, POLYVER SAFETY complies with the standard EN ISO 20345:2004 S5 CI.
The symbol S5 CI combines the standard S4 CI (insulation against the cold, antistatic shoe, energy absorbing capacity of the heel, protective toecap against 200 joules impact and compression risk under a 1500daN load), with a nail protection and a cleated sole.



POLYVER boot is a reference in hunting area, a real answer to the problems of protection for thousands of hunters who tested it.

POLYVER WINTER AND POLYVER PREMIUM keep the feet of the hunters warm, even during the coldest winters, up to - 50 degrees and especially during stand hunting when it is impossible to move to warm up.

These exceptional insulating qualities result from the components used and the workmanship.
Indeed, POLYURETHANE, while providing a highly efficient barrier against the cold makes the boot lightweight and waterproof. Double-density making ensure foot support when walking thanks to a rigid sole but also comfort thanks to the flexibility of the shaft. These properties allow hunters to walk for hours while limiting fatigue. The boot is completely waterproof and the specially designed sole structure ensures a good grip on difficult terrain, wet or muddy and can easily cross marshland.

POLYVER EVOLUTION is recommended for hunting in the early season in the fall. In addition to its high-tech link to polyurethane used, this boot offers a unique design, is easy to remove and has a high adaptability to climatic conditions allowing protection to - 20 degrees. These qualities make thisboot a model of performance for any type of outdoor activity.



Models POLYVER WINTER, PREMIUM and SAFETY are perfectly suitable for agriculture, viticulture and to all those who work outdoors in all weathers conditions. The POLYURETHANE used gives them unshakable qualities of insulation, especially during extreme cold, as it allows keeping your feet warm even in still position, until - 50 degrees. It provides protection for extreme temperatures, UV resistant, prevents cracking and resists to oils and other agricultural degrading agents.

The sole structure is specifically designed to confront difficult grounds, wet, unstable and ensures safety and grip limiting the risk of slipping. Their lightness and waterproof properties provide high comfort and help reducing fatigue during all the day long.

EVOLUTION model is a wise choice, as it adapts to any type of outdoor temperature, from +25 in summers to – 20 degrees in winter and to any type of outdoor activity.




POLYVER WINTER and PREMIUM boots are well-known in Scandinavia for snowmobiling and the brand is regularly official partner of sporting events such as the snowmobile world championship. Their reputation in this area is due to the unique combination of years of research, cold insulation to extreme temperature down to -50 degrees, with comfort and lightness associated with selected high quality material: the POLYURETHANE. Their non-slip sole provides a perfect grip on slippery surfaces including snow and ice. POLYVER boots are oil resistant and antistatic. The lining is treated against bacteria coming from the sweat, eliminating odors. They dry very quickly. In addition, It´s also possible to adapt metal studs on the outsoles.



WINTER POLYVER is the most favorite boot for fishermen in Scandinavia. It provides them with warmth, safety and comfort in extreme conditions, during ice fishing requiring a static position for hours. The non-slip soles allow them to walk on ice and snow safely. It is also possible to adapt metal studs on them.